Thanks Indeed Brad, you are the best. 


Brad you are a scholar and outstanding analyst. It is a great work-and i appreciate your efforts.


Brad Thomas is a Seeking Alpha contributor , writing with discipline , levels of integrity and presents information about the direction of the company for the foreseeable duration.


I always take the time to read Brad’s articles. Love the comments also. 


Such an interesting time we live in. Who could have seen the day of Airbnb? The hotel space has so many unresolved , but interesting changes , only time will tell who the ultimate winners are. Whatever your positions are in this space …one thing can not be denied is BT is a Winner. Thanks 

Experts Comments

Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business

The Intelligent REIT investor is our go-to text for educating graduate students about the REIT Space.  Stephanie and Brad have condensed the complex REIT universe into an accessible yet sophisticated tool for a sector that should be included in every investor’s portfolio.

Scott Robinson
New York University

Brad’s pragmatic approach to evaluating cash flow stability is relatively unique in an environment dominated by fast money investors

Active Board of Directors Real Estate Capital Markets Advisor

I am pleased to see the continued forward march of Brad Thomas and his knowledgeable analysis and commentary about real estate investment trusts (REITs).
Brad has been a longtime, thoughtful proponent, independent thought leader, and staunch advocate for identying the qualities that make REITs good investments for small and larger investors. His voice advocating REIT managements being good stewards of shareholder capital through wise balance sheet management, transparency, good corporate governance has been consistent and rewarded with a following of individuals who rely on his enlightened counsel and analysis.
With the launch of his new website, the content of Brad’s well-informed voice will now be available to many more people.
I congratulate Brad for this watershed event.

Retired Vice Chairman and CEO of Kimco Realty Corporation, and Co-Founder of Peaceable Street Capital.

Brad’s thorough and detailed research, combined with his unique perspective, provide valuable insights into the REIT world.

Vice Chairman of Inland Real Estate

I know of no other author, writer, newscaster or any other person in this type of business who writes morning noon and night, so intelligently so profusely so profoundly so personally and so “in depth” about real estate than Brad Thomas ( THE Authority on REIT’s)