Who is better than you on REITS Brad? NOBODY. Followed you into DLR April 2016 before it bought DFT. Never looked back. Thanks for always being solid in your analyses. Keep it coming. 


Thanks for an excellent article. Humility takes character and I appreciate yours.


There is no other SA author that is as knowledgeable about REITS as Brad. Many try here but fall short. 


I love this Brad Thomas. He always has the ability to take a seemingly boring subject throw in a little entertainment and make it easy for us regular people to understand God-bless 

Jeff from SD 

But the thing I most admire about Brad is that, he never stoops to the level when someone vehemently disagrees and trashes him. Those of us who have come to this forum seeking financial services wisdom has found an author that delves into his work with his students in mind. Thank you sir, for your generous time and . . . . congratulations.

Experts Comments


Very few people today do more than Brad Thomas does to provide investors the company-level information and portfolio-level thinking necessary to make intelligent decisions regarding their REIT investing.

Former CEO of Realty Income

Taking an intelligent approach to REIT investing requires recognizing that there are widely varying companies, people, properties and strategies.  Brad Thomas sees the industry through the lens of a developer, operator, financier, individual investor and reporter, bringing a unique perspective to the space.