My Oh My, Another Strong Buy

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  • Oftentimes investors need more clarity as it relates to messaging, so I provide a few more granular recommendations, such as Strong Buy.
  • The most important job for us at Rhino Rea Estate Advisors is to keep investors informed.
  • The latest technology selloff has created an enhanced buying opportunity for CONE investors and this fits squarely into our targeted 25% return thesis.

The month of October can be summed as “scary” and that’s the same adjective that came to mind when I was summarizing the results of my “New Money Portfolio”. In case you forgot, the portfolio comprises 25 REITs that are either STRONG BUYs now or were once STRONG BUYs earlier this year. (You may recall that we upgraded Park Hotels (PK) to a STRONG BUY a few days ago.)

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