Good morning. I am in Seattle today and tomorrow meeting with TheMaven (MVEN). I wanted to get you this article in advance. STORE UPGRADE TO STRONG BUY I am excited that I will soon be sending [...]


This Monthly Paying REIT Has Returned Over 40% Year To Date

The Trump rally serves as another catalyst that should benefit retail landlords. As the President’s administration begins to reduce regulation and corporate taxes, consumers should see more [...]


Now Playing: A Net Lease REIT Differentiated By Design

Unlike any other property sector, the Net Lease sector has almost limitless demand for consolidation as practically every business has a warehouse, office building, or storefront that utilizes [...]


Nothing But Net

I wanted to dedicate this article to my oldest daughter, Lauren Thomas. She just graduated from UNC with honors (majored in business journalism). She is now living in New York City working for [...]


The SWAN Factor: Unlocking The Secrets Behind The Durable Income Portfolio

I insisted on my own research or the work of interns and expert contributors. It was only after I began to look at the quantitative and qualitative factors that I was able to assess the true net [...]


The Art Of Repeal: The Law Of Unintended Consequences

Should Congress repeal Section 1031, America could lose one of the best wealth creating engines that has generated thousands of jobs in commercial and residential real estate. In order to pay for [...]


W.P. Carey: Feeling Greedy Or Fearful?

To be perfectly clear, I’m a big fan of Net Lease REITs, and in the upcoming edition of the Forbes Real Estate Investor, I explain to my subscribers the success we have had in handpicking [...]


Is Four Corners Property Trust In Your Strike Zone?

In just a few days I plan to put together my Rhino REIT Ratings on the Triple Net REITs. Now that rate fears are in the rear view mirror, I decided that it was a good time for readers to take a [...]


Anchor Your REIT Portfolio To Withstand The Test Of Time

David Allan Coe, the famous architect, one said: “It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of [...]


A Premium REIT To Help You Sleep Well At Night

Back in 1981 when Stanley Tanger founded his name-sake company, Tanger Factory Outlets (SKT) in Burlington, North Carolina he never dreamed that his brand name factory outlet concept would become [...]

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